Best Yoga Challenge Poses for 2

Keen to take on some Yoga Challenges for 2? There are plenty of yoga challenge poses that you can try for 2 people.

In this article, you will find the best videos on Youtube to guide your challenge session. So lets dive right in!

Top 3 Yoga Challenge Poses for 2 Videos

Yoga Challenge for 2

The first video in the list comes from Zeke & Lydia. They are two siblings from New Zealand. They love making videos related to gymnastics. The athletic duo also love producing Yoga Challenge videos.

Zeke & Lydia try out 8 challenging poses in this 5-minute video. You can see the poses for 2 that they’re attempting in the top right corner of the video along with their attempts.

Extreme Yoga Challenge – Twins

This extreme yoga challenge video comes from Squared. It is a channel that features videos from twins. Given that twins mean two, this Yoga Challenge video has posed for two individuals.

This is an extremely fun video. You can see the different poses and you can try to recreate them with your partner.

Watch as Teagan & Sam attempt 11 different poses with some good background music too. The video also shows some unsuccessful attempts, so you can learn not to be too disappointed.

Yoga Twin Challenge Poses for 2 by Nina & Randa

Another video from twins for the Yoga Challenge Poses for 2. This one comes from Nina and Randa, who are identical twins, who love music.

It appears that they also love making Youtube videos on Yoga. Nina & Randa go through a few challenges poses in their own unique style. Some very successful, some not so much.

How many of these challenges poses can you complete from the video?

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