3 Yoga Eye Pillows Reviews – For Better Sleep

Do you suffer from frequent migraines? Or find it difficult to drift off to sleep with the lights on? If so, then you need the yoga eye pillow. Not only will it cut off the visual distractions, but it also relieves a headache too.  

But, only if you land the best yoga eye pillow will you reap those immense benefits.

Many designs make a hefty promise which they don’t live to deliver. Here are in-depth reviews to shed light on the best eye pillows for those of us who take to yoga practices

Top Three Yoga Eye Pillow Reviews

1.    Dream Time Inner Peace Eye Pillow

The dream time eye pillow lets find that inner peace and achieve total concentration during meditation moment.  At times when you are bombarded with stress and seeks refuge in yoga practices, the eye pillow becomes valuable. It blocks all the visual distractions and improves your attentiveness.

With the dimension as 8.5″L x 4″W, you realize it’s small in size and thus easy to carry to your yoga studio.   Being made from the pure and natural aromatherapy herbs, dream time pillow is both skin and eye-friendly.  

Position it on your face and it will drape to your face’s contour and shields the light totally. In addition, it is made from the soft material that’s soothing to the face. With its cool surface resting on your face, it provides the sensory soothing effect.

It’s the natural extracts that give it the unique therapeutic healing. The combination of the lavender seeds, chamomile, and the orange relives the stress and uplift your moods. For that reason, you begin your day with a cheerful spirit

The seeds provide the gentle acupuncture pressure to relieve strain on the facial and sinus muscles.  When it gets dirty after frequent massages, simply transfer the seeds into a separate container and wash the cover.


  • Has the portable design
  • Drapes easily to the facial contour
  • Relieves a headache, calms the mind and uplifts the moods


  • It can’t be put in the microwave as the little balls inside the cover will melt
  • Lacks the straps and thus you have to use it lying on your back
  • Has the strong odor

2.    Eye Pillow Lavender+ Flax Seed Filled

Since the face is soft and sensitive, rough clothing easily irritates it. That’s why the Eye pillow lavender employs the fines silk material to feel as comfortable to the face as possible. With the materials that easily assume the facial contour, you won’t worry about any distracting light from the corners of your eyes.

Its formulation uses the lavender and flax seeds to deliver the astonishing scent with the high therapeutic ability. Do you often suffer the puffy eyes and migraines? Just house the eye pillow in a plastic bag then keep it in the freezer for a while. Remove it, then position it on the face and feel with amazement as the symptoms disappear

Use the eye pillow in conjunction with the sleep time audio and you won’t even notice when you drift to sleep and finally enjoy the lucid dreaming.  On the other hand when you combine it with the meditation audio, then you get the perfect recipe to wellness formula

The lavender and the flax seeds combination have alternative uses. In addition to eyes, it also calms the facial, neck and the shoulder muscles. The eye pillow has the easy to wash cover. During traveling, the carrying bag shields the dust away from the yoga pillow and hence keeps it clean.


  • Usable for both cold and hot compresses
  • Has the convenient carrying bag
  • Made of silk, thus soft and skin friendly


  • Lacks the fastening strap
  • Has the narrow cover zipped slit

3.    IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

The IMAK compression eye pillow boasts the snug fit strap to hold it in the right position.  When you wear it on your face, it fits nicely to block all the light. Moreover, it’s made of cotton material. So you slip it on with the assurance that it won’t rub roughly against your skin.

After the tiring day and the headache threatens you, just pick the IMAK eye pillow and head to your yoga room. Wear the soft cotton pillow and meditate upon the hours of the day. Owing to the beads incorporated in the pillow, you will achieve the tender massage effect around the eye region. That has the magic effect of sending you deep into relaxation.

The cold therapy pillow soothes the tired and puffy eyes, and then calms down migraines before sleep steal you away. Considering the unique cross-stitching technique employed, you won’t feel any undue pressure on your eyes. To reap its cold therapeutic ability, store it in the freezer for a while prior to use. 

The fabric is easy to wash and dries quickly thus prevent mildew.


  • It’s simple to adjust to achieve the comfortable fit
  • Brings down a headache, sinus pain, and migraines
  • Relives tired muscles 


  • Unfortunately, its material attracts the pet’s fur. But you can easily wash off such foreign substances.

Benefits of Yoga Eye Pillows

Picking on the right eye pillow offers you the following benefits;

    Provides the right dosage of acupressure to your eyes hence leaving it revitalized and fresh too

    Blocking light and other visual distractions thus increasing your concentration level for instance during yoga practices or medication. 

    Due to the infused aromatic scents, these pillows calm the nerves and the mind too

    Helps to manage the constant headaches and migraines. That is due to the natural herbs and essential oils used in the pillows.

So What Makes a Good Eye Pillow?

It should bear the following features

    Blocks light completely from hitting your eyes

    Shouldn’t feel too heavy to bear

    Should have a thin lining that doesn’t encourage sweat to develop on your face

    Should fit nicely on the contour on your face. Preferably an adjustable or velcro strap is ideal


So have you made up your mind on the best yoga pillow that fits your need? If not, go through the reviews once more and make an informed choice!

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