Yoga and Meditation

If you’re trying to eliminate stress and other mental health issues, you’ve probably already been recommended Yoga or Meditation. These two are considered to be great stress releasing techniques that actually work. A calm and relaxed mental health ensures better physical as well as overall health. So, you can probably imagine how important these two can be.

Yoga and meditation concentrate on bringing you back to a stable mindset. If you’ve fallen deep into the traps of negative energy, a quick yoga or meditation session can pull you out. Learning yoga poses, rhythmic breathing, and meditating can develop your stress response systems and help you get back on the road. So if you want to know about the correlation between the two, go and give this a read.

What is Yoga? And What is Meditation?

Some people use the two terms interchangeably. But they have quite a lot of differences. Focusing all your attention on something is usually associated with meditation. Mindfulness meditation has been fruitful for many people suffering from anxiety or stress.

You can indulge in meditation just by sitting in a quiet space with closed eyes. Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on increased awareness. But the most apparent difference between the two is the physical poses of Yoga. During a yoga session, you need to go through a series of motions that help release tight muscles and develop the physical stance.

Some people may find some yoga poses quite tricky. And we can’t blame them. Some of them are exclusive to athletes, so it will naturally be difficult for ordinary people who are just starting out. But they can get those done after a few weeks of regular sessions.

On the contrary, some individuals can only complete the physical aspect as they can’t seem to focus on meditation. While Yoga trains both the mind and the body, meditation concentrates on the mental elements only. If you can link up meditation with breathing and yoga poses, you can build a solid routine and completely eradicate negative energy from your nervous system.

Is Yoga a Form of Meditation?

Not many people choose to believe this, but Yoga is a form of meditation. When you talk about Yoga, you mostly tend to look at its physical aspects. Some even associate Yoga with just the downward facing dog because it’s one of the most popular Yoga practices.

But another crucial aspect of Yoga is the mindfulness meditation part. Apart from the rhythmic breathing and flexible poses, meditation is another critical aspect of Yoga. Yoga incorporates meditation to clear up your mind from negative thoughts and keep you concentrated.

The mind cleanses up and helps us come back to a more stable state. One session of Yoga meditation per week can eradicate the buildup of negative energy. Yoga goes back thousands of years, and it’s still in practice because of its mental and physical benefits.

What are the Benefits of Both?

If you’re planning to incorporate the two together, then you could come up with a pretty nice routine. Our busy lives can take a toll on our mental health. So it’s crucial to release the negative energy from our lives, and meditation and Yoga can help with that.

Yoga includes meditation, relaxation, breathing, and a bunch of complicated physical poses. So, you can say that Yoga cultivates and develops the body-mind coordination. You can start to get intimate with yourself and open up a lot more than you could before.

Meditation clears up all distractions and lets you concentrate on something specific. You can successfully slow the nervous system down and give it the rest it deserves from a quick meditation session. This also improves your stress response system – this means that our minds can learn to tackle any future stressful situations in better ways. 

Is Yoga or Meditation Better?

Since both of them are almost equally important, we can’t confirm if one is better than the other. But we can assure you that if you’re able to do them simultaneously, you can see great results. Meditation is a part of Yoga, so you can’t stop at just Yoga alone.

Meditation deals with concentration and relaxation. If you’re able to focus all your internal energy on your breathing and thinking, you can stabilize yourself mentally and withdraw any negative thoughts you hold.

As for which one is better, there is no clear answer. While Yoga includes both the physical and mental aspects, meditation concentrates on the mental aspects more. But that doesn’t necessarily make Yoga better. You can say that both are important if you genuinely want to escape from the negative energy around you.

How Do They Benefit Each Other?

Putting the two together have been proven to deliver some miraculous results. Improving one’s mental wellbeing is one of the core targets of Yoga. If you can successfully integrate meditation into your yoga sessions, you can see dramatic changes in your lifestyle.

Some people go through drastic changes, and you can see a new glow on their faces. This is because yoga combined with meditation has been said to eradicate negative energy in some individuals. So it can be said that the practice of the two can indeed be beneficial for us.

Yoga involves the physical poses, which can sometimes be very tiring, especially when you’re not too flexible. But once you learn to concentrate on the mental aspects, you get injected with new vigor and gain the drive to try again. Meditation has helped Yogis bring their lives back to a straight path, and they are immensely grateful.

Bottom Line

Yoga and meditation are undoubtedly interrelated. They both have their benefits, and they complement each other in the best possible way. As long as you can focus on the crucial aspects of each, you can cultivate and develop a better mental health. Incorporating them can speed up one’s cleansing process. So if you’re a yoga enthusiast, you should definitely try out some meditation practices.

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