How to Select the Right Yoga Mat


Today we’ll be going over how to select the right Yoga Mat for your needs. Fifteen years ago, there was only one basic type of yoga mat — made of PVC and noted for its stickiness — and your only choice was whether to buy purple or blue. Now, there’s a yoga mat to suit … Read more

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn in 60 Minutes?

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn in 60 Minutes

Taking part in regular yoga classes has many profound benefits. Among others, it helps to keep the body flexible, increase strength and tone body muscles. Although not one of the primaries focuses, burning calories and thus losing weight is one of the resulting benefits. So the question is; how many calories does yoga burn in … Read more

Best Yoga Towels for Sweaty Hands

Best Yoga Towels for Sweaty Hands

Do you often sweat when it comes to some exercise? It may ruin your yoga exercise routine if you start slipping on the yoga mat. You definitely need the best yoga towels that will help your sweaty hands stick in position. During hot yoga, sweat is inevitable. But when you spread an ordinary towel on … Read more

Best Yoga Challenge Poses for 2

Best Yoga Challenge Poses for 2

Keen to take on some Yoga Challenges for 2? There are plenty of yoga challenge poses that you can try for 2 people. In this article, you will find the best videos on Youtube to guide your challenge session. So lets dive right in! Top 3 Yoga Challenge Poses for 2 Videos Yoga Challenge for … Read more

Thick Yoga Mats for Bad Knees – Top 3 Review

Thick Yoga Mat for Bad Knees

Do you have bad knees or sensitive joints and love yoga, or you’ve been told that yoga might help with some of those problems? Well, that’s true! But a bad yoga mat can be the world of difference between enjoying your yoga experience or making the problem worse. Yoga classes are normally done on hardwood … Read more

13 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss - Cobra Pose

Yoga poses seem to be some sort of play or just an exercise for flexibility. That’s only what you think. There’s much more than only what meets the eye. Read on to find out what I really mean. I will explain 13 surefire Yoga Poses for Weight Loss. It is true that most people don’t … Read more