Yoga Blocks: All You Need to Know

The purpose of Yoga is to build strength and harmony in mind and body. It has so many health benefits. Regular yoga practice reduces stress levels and improves fitness. There are many poses designed according to the need and limitations of human bodies. They are supported by various props. Yoga blocks are such a prop. … Read more

All about Yoga Balls

Yoga balls are a common name in the fitness world. It is made with soft plastic, with a diameter of approximately 14 to 34 inches. It was used by physical therapists at the beginning of its creation. But now its use has spread to several things. The reason for such diverse use and reach is … Read more

Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra and Where did it Originate? An ancient technique originated in India, Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique that can control your body’s relaxation response. It’s a state where your body is completely relaxed. It is sometimes also referred to as psychic sleep, the “going to sleep” sensation that is typically achieved … Read more

Yoga and Weight Loss

Maintaining a low body fat percentage takes a lot of work especially when you are trying to keep it towards a healthy level. A low body fat percentage is a testament to your passion for fitness as it is a result of long hours of training and eating in a calorie deficit for a week … Read more

Athleta vs Lululemon

As individuals who love to stay fit and label themselves as avid fitness enthusiasts most of us surely have been through some tough time choosing the right outfits that check all the boxes. In this regard two of the most efficient and promising names have been Athleta and Lululemon. It’s quite common to mix up … Read more

Yoga for Pain and Chronic Illness

The great thing about yoga, apart from you being able to do it at home, is that it comes with a lot of benefits. For one, yoga can help one deal with chronic pain and illnesses. And this article takes a deep dive into how yoga can benefit people suffering from pain and chronic illness. … Read more

Yoga For Kids

With yoga studios popping up every ten blocks, you have to wonder about what  benefits people gain by bending their limbs. The practice has become quite mainstream with crazy new inventions coming up every few years, and the best idea to come out of this trend is yoga for kids. More than 3% of kids … Read more

Yoga and Meditation

If you’re trying to eliminate stress and other mental health issues, you’ve probably already been recommended Yoga or Meditation. These two are considered to be great stress releasing techniques that actually work. A calm and relaxed mental health ensures better physical as well as overall health. So, you can probably imagine how important these two … Read more

Yoga for Runners

Yoga has always been considered a healthy practice. The benefits that yoga carries are numerous. After all, it helps you release all the tension built up in your muscles. If you want to loosen up those annoying tight spots, then yoga is the way to go. But how good is yoga for runners? Yoga and … Read more

Yoga Techniques to Reduce Anxiety


These days, yoga techniques to help reduce anxiety in the mainstream media tend to portray some unrealistic expectations. For example, our instagram feeds are filled with images of young, beautiful women with model physiques, showing off an advanced posture in an exotic location, whether it be in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or … Read more