Manifestation Candles – What you need to know!

Do you want to know how to manifest your goals? You can do this by making manifestation candles!

This blog post will give you information about what colors of candles are best for certain occasions, and also what they mean in regards to your goals.

How to Use a manifestation candle

To use a manifestation candle, you need to use a candle holder, preferably glass. Then you will need some wick pins and matches or lighter. Arrange your candles on the table in front of you with three white ones at the back which represent yourself, then one pink for love, etc., You can also add any other color that means something to you if there is room – this can be for something you are hoping to materialize in your life.

Then light the candles, and as they burn down let your mind focus on what it is you wish to manifest – this can be anything from love/money/a new job, etc.,

After the three main candles have burned right down then blow them out quickly one by one, and then the others. You can also make a wish or prayer after blowing out each candle if you like.

What do different colored candles mean?

There are many different types of manifestation candles you can make. The most common candle is a plain white candle, but other colors work just as well so feel free to experiment!

White – purity, protection, cleansing

Pink – love from others and self-love, friendship, and passion

Blue – calming/peaceful, justice, truth, or a new job if you place it by your workspace

Purple – psychic abilities and spiritual power/knowledge coming into your life

Green – money/prosperity/success in business ventures AND also good health when placed near a body part you wish to heal.

Yellow – this is a happy and cheerful color, so can be used if you want something for yourself, such as cheerfulness or success in your career/business ventures. This also represents intellect.

Orange – love from others, health, and creativity. It’s great for promoting new ideas etc. The candle can also be used for fertility or mental clarity.

Black – banishing fear, anger, and sadness from your life or other negative energy that is stopping you from achieving what it is you want.

Brown – grounding and stability

Red – love/passion

Light grey – wisdom or teaching coming into your life that will lead to new opportunities/knowledge

Dark Grey – letting go of the past and not carrying any guilt over it with you which would be preventing you from moving forward in a positive direction. A candle can also symbolize protection from all that is not positive or desired in your life.

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