How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn in 60 Minutes?

Taking part in regular yoga classes has many profound benefits. Among others, it helps to keep the body flexible, increase strength and tone body muscles. Although not one of the primaries focuses, burning calories and thus losing weight is one of the resulting benefits.

So the question is; how many calories does yoga burn in 60 minutes? Well, the short answer to the question is; it depends. It can be as little as 100 and as high as above 460 calories.

For example, did you know that a person weighing 160 pounds and taking a basic hath yoga exercise can burn 183 calories in one hour?

So what determines the exact amount of calories yoga burns?

The calorie burned by yoga is mainly pegged on the following factors;

  1. The duration of the yoga session
  2. The type of yoga involved
  3. The intensity of the yoga class
  4. Your sex; male or female

Generally, the basal metabolic rate of males and females are different. Consequently, men by default burn more calories than females. On the same note the pace set in each type of yoga class is also different as portrayed below;

Hatha yoga

This presents a simple style of yoga. Usually, it is slow-paced compared to other styles. It forms one of the building blocks of demanding yoga styles. Hatha yoga is very common in western countries. Normally it involves constant movements and maintaining a balanced posture in some instances. Although considered basic, but a 60-minute hatha yoga session can burn 189 calories out of your body. When looking for a relaxing exercise, then this is the yoga to go for.

Power yoga (Ashtanga yoga)

The power yoga involves breathing techniques punctuated with a series of postures. To the body, it results in improved arterial health and a relaxed mind. The postures follow a specific rigid form that creates internal heat which eventually burns up waste products and toxins. Taking part in a 60-minute power yoga body workout burns around 351 calories.

Bikram yoga

If you are looking for a weight loss exercise, then Bikram yoga is the way to go.  Usually, a typical Bikram yoga session stretches up to 90 minutes. The yoga is carried out in a preheated room to a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Such a prevailing temperature helps to boost muscle flexibility. A full session is marked by a set of 26 postures plus two breathing exercises. The hot yoga results in profuse sweating thus purifying the body.  One hour of hot yoga results in the burning of more than 460 calories from the body, a study revealed.

Vinyasa yoga

This style of yoga is characterized by fluid poses.  The continual movement gives rise to more calories burning. Unlike other styles that follow a rigid set of routine movements, vinyasa can take a different routine every day. This yoga can help you burn over 500 calories in one hour.

So as you have seen, the amount of calories yoga burns out in one hour differs greatly from one style to the next. When you supplement yoga practice with other forms of exercise, you stand to gain weight loss, a holistic mind, and body.

So when do you wish to begin a 60-minute yoga workout?

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