Why and How to Balance your Heart Chakra

Are you feeling unbalanced and in need of some love? Perhaps it’s time to balance your heart chakra! The heart chakra is located near the center of your chest, right around where a human heart would beat. It’s one of the most important energy centers in our body, and when it isn’t flowing properly we can feel sad or disconnected from others. Read on for more information about how to balance this vital part of ourselves with affirmations and other helpful tips.

The heart chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower, with four petals that stand for the major issues surrounding this energy center. The first of these symbols is air, signifying communication and speaking one’s truth. Second, there’s fire, which represents our passion and drive to follow our dreams. Then comes water as an emblem of purification, cleansing ourselves so that we can be ready to accept love. Lastly is the earth which stands for stability and loyalty.

This chakra is blocked by fear of rejection or failure, allowing our own truth out into the world, being vulnerable with others about who we are inside, taking risks on new ventures without knowing how they’ll end up, and having a closed heart that isn’t open to love. It’s easy for us to feel disconnected from others or lonely, but there are many ways we can balance this center with the right mindset!

Some helpful tips you should try include focusing on making positive changes in your life by being more mindful of who you spend time around as well as what you do. You should also spend time meditating or practicing yoga, which is both great ways to connect with yourself and feel more centered. When we open our heart chakra, it’s easier for us to become compassionate toward others as well as ourselves!

Affirmations can help balance the heart chakra too. Top ten affirmations that can help you include “I am loveable and lovable,” “my heart is open to giving and receiving the perfect love for me,” “the world reflects my inner beauty back at me,” and more.

You should also focus on balancing other energy centers in your body too, like the crown chakra or third eye chakra which will help you feel more connected to the universe.

How do I balance my heart chakra?

To balance your heart chakra you must remove all blocks that are present. Since you have a physical, mental, and spiritual body it is important to remove any blockages from all three of these bodies.

What blocks the heart chakra?

The seven main emotions associated with your heart chakra are love, joy, compassion, empathy, generosity, kindness, and self-love. If you are having issues with any of these emotions it may be a sign that your heart chakra is blocked.

What does a blocked heart chakra feel like?

When the energy in this area of the body has become imbalanced, you can experience discomfort and pain. It’s important to work on opening up this area so that there are no more blockages.

What does opening your heart chakra do?

Opening your heart chakra does a lot of things. It allows you to express your emotions more freely and it can help with physical ailments associated with the heart as well.

Top ten Heart Chakra Affirmations sayings:

“I am a clear channel for love, joy, compassion & empathy.”

“My body is full of vibrant energy from my open heart chakra.”

“I feel the love from my heart flow through me to others and return back multiplied.”

“My selfless acts of giving are expressions of joy that run deep within my open heart chakra.”

“(Your Name), you have a beautiful smile. It is filled with compassion, empathy & generosity just like your big warm heart!”

“Because I have an open heart, I am deeply connected to my spiritual self.”

“I feel the love from others when they are near me because of the openness in my Heart Chakra.”

“My loving nature is expressed through empathy & compassion for all living things on this planet. “

“(Your Name) your smile is radiant and makes people around you want to be happy too!”

“We are all one with Mother Earth who has a beautiful heart chakra that radiates into space.”

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