Athleta vs Lululemon

As individuals who love to stay fit and label themselves as avid fitness enthusiasts most of us surely have been through some tough time choosing the right outfits that check all the boxes. In this regard two of the most efficient and promising names have been Athleta and Lululemon.

It’s quite common to mix up these two competitors that started their journey in the same year with a similar brand image and service goal. For those who are struggling between these two to find the right brand to choose from, we have got you covered. Here’s everything that you need to know about Athleta vs Lululemon!

Founded in 1998, American fitness apparel and fashion brand Athleta is claimed to be one of the most rapidly growing athletic brands in entire North America. It is a child concern of the popular Gap, Inc. Currently, Mary Beth Laughton is serving as the CEO of the brand. The journey started with humble beginnings. Athleta was a catalog brand that was founded in Petaluma, California, USA. It outgrew itself gradually making the brand a big success. Later on, it was acquired by the famous Gap Inc in 2008 as a child concern for $150M. Athleta sales are now over almost $750M. The company believes in the “Power of She”.

Athleta is thriving to offer a collaborative athletic fashion service where women of all spheres will have the freedom to enjoy the professional active lifestyle with the utmost comfort. Athleta specializes in female fitness apparel of all shapes, ages, and sizes. The most featured products would be all sorts of bottoms like leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants, skirts, shorts, denim, tops, jackets, sports underwear, swimwear, and even cozy and comfy dresses to provide the ultimate comfort! The latest additions include great athletic accessories for females and masks. 

The Canadian head-turner athletic fashion brand Lululemon Athletica was also founded in 1998. Based in Vancouver, Canada Lululemon is impressing investors and fitness fashion enthusiasts all around the world. Their sales have skyrocketed impressively in recent years. Lululemon their journey started as a clothing design studio and yoga studio that bloomed into a full-fledged brand over time.

They have sold an impressive $2B worth of items till now. Lululemon focuses on both male and female professional fitness and technical fashion for daily use. They have an impressive range of sportswear, loungewear, bottoms, coats, and jackets, bags, polo shirts, button-down shorts, dresses, socks, underwear, swimwear, professional yoga attires and accessories, and even self-care items. The core goal of Lululemon is to unleash the potential we possess in terms of maintaining an active lifestyle where comfort is the key.

A true all-inclusive fashion brand first and foremostly ensures that the service is a perfect fit for all shapes, sizes, and ages. Athleta and Lululemon both kept this note in mind quite strongly! Both of these brands provide a wide range of fitness apparel that are of flexible shapes and sizes. But as per the customer reviews and satisfaction, Athleta is ahead in this goal. They offer items that are suitable for petite women to plus-size females of all ages, shapes, and heights. But, Lululemon on the other hand offers more variety of items and is also gender-inclusive. Even though their standard sizing of the items is stuck only within 0 to 14. 

As both of the brands sailed their boats in 1998 with almost the same goal and customer objective in mind it is a no-brainer that these two will end up being two of the most competitive rivals in the North American fitness apparel industry. The fun part is many of the masses get confused between these two for their similar thrive towards the goal and their names – Athleta and Lululemon Athletica!

But when looked closely both are unique and offer their one-of-a-kind services in their own ways. Even though both specialize in yoga attires, sports, and professional fitness accessories the sizing, gender inclusivity, and quality of some specific products along with the sale analysis set them apart big time. 

Both Athleta and Lululemon from its beginning till now are serving successfully with their top-notch services. Both of these two had a similar start and it is fair to say they are in healthy competition as rivals of the North American fitness apparel market. But if we focus on the quality difference and the service, they provide it will be easier to look at what puts which brand ahead.

Analyzing the market and the sales over the years Lululemon Athletica is clearly ahead with its sales with an impressive $2B whereas it is about $750M or $0.75M for Athleta. 
Target audience: Lululemon also offers apparel and accessories for men and women and has a better range of fitness and sports items. Athletica on the other hand specializes in an inclusive range of female fitness wear. So, the target audience sets these two rivals’ apart big time. They also offer different and exclusive brand experiences in their own ways.

Material Quality: Both of these brands are uncompromising when it comes to producing materials. But the fabric quality of Lululemon has something unique that customers can’t get enough of. In terms of customer satisfaction and reviews, Lululemon scores higher this time.
Price:  When it comes to a very important discussion about the pricing of the products, Athleta is a clear winner here. For the ones who love all America-made yoga or sportswear with free shipping (on purchases below $60) Athleta is the right choice for you. In contrast to this, Lululemon is a bit more expensive. The almost same pair of leggings one can buy for $98 in Athleta which is about $158 in Lululemon. Also, Athleta offers more sales around the year compared to Lululemon.

To break down the confusion in a conclusive way while choosing between the two, product types can be the first thing to consider. Lululemon is more focused on yoga and everyday technical or loungewear. They are comfortable and gender-inclusive but the sizing is not that great. Yet, this can be a great choice for indoor workout activities, yoga sessions, meditation sessions, and comfy stayover. On the other hand, Athleta is targeted to serve even extreme sports lovers.


Athleta is a perfect fit for the women who are looking for a blend between sports and street style that can be suitable for any extreme sport along with the daily workout sessions. Those females who love outdoor-based activities more – like hiking, biking, and heavy sports they can easily go on with Athleta. But, all in all, both of the brands add a promising value to one’s daily fitness lifestyle. So, whichever brand is chosen the perks can be enjoyed in their own unique ways. 

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