13 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga poses seem to be some sort of play or just an exercise for flexibility. That’s only what you think. There’s much more than only what meets the eye. Read on to find out what I really mean. I will explain 13 surefire Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

It is true that most people don’t actually connect yoga to weight loss. But here’s the news; yoga poses are in fact the ultimate best for an assured weight loss! No kidding. And not just that. You also get to be both flexible and strong with Yoga, alongside other numerous benefits I can take the whole day explaining. Yoga must be a godsend.

Hands down, Yoga poses have beaten all the other tools for weight loss. That shouldn’t be news. Look at those attending an advanced yoga class. Aren’t they as toned and as healthy as you would love to be too?

Without wasting any more time, I want to advise you about some 13 expert-endorsed yoga poses for weight loss. These are the number one enemies of excess weight. They assist your body to burn calories, burn fat, increase metabolism, up your heart rate, … you list almost all, if not all the things that are friendly to weight loss out there.

NOTE: Make sure you do these moves routinely and correctly. That is the golden hint.
Here we go.
  • 1. The Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) for Weight Loss

At the pinnacle is the Cobra Pose. It’s not here by chance.
With the Cobra Pose, your digestive organs are massaged by your body weight, on the navel area. This way, your digestion is taken to another level and toxins are eliminated from your body too as a result.
You need to persevere in the pose for at least 30 seconds each morning before taking anything. That ideally helps you burn belly fat and calories as the body will resort on them for energy. Remember perseverance.


  1. Helps strengthen the whole upper body.
  2. Leaves you with a flexible spine.
  3. Stimulates abdominal organs.
  4. Relieves stress.


  • 2. Boat Pose (Nauka Chalana) for Weight Loss

Though it requires a lot of ab strength, you need to think of the saying “no pain, no gain”.
While sitting with palms on the floor, just lift your legs up a bit and lift the palms too slowly to ensure that you balance on your butt. Keep your back straight. You can as well increase the complexity of the exercise by increasing the distance between your knees and chest, bit by bit, provided you’re comfortable with it. Hold for 30 seconds too.
Boat pose doesn’t go easy on belly fat ~ a factor of excess weight. Likewise, it works your leg and back muscles, and fat around these areas are flushed out.


  1. Strengthens your abdomen and hip flexors.
  2. Stimulates your kidney and intestines.
  3. Improves your digestion.
  4. Relieves you of stress.


  • 3. Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana) for Weight Loss

Another yoga for weight loss. This is a type of plank. Planks are usually great for weight loss and any type, especially the side plank, will help you burn fat and get flexible.
You just start in the normal plank pose, then shift your weight to one side. You can shift to the right arm and leg, or the left pair. Hold for 30 seconds if you need desirable results. Do it each day.
By working your abs, belly fat finds it hard to stay.


  1. Betters your balance.
  2. It stretches your belly, arms, and legs.
  3. Assists you build leg muscles.
  4. You get to be stronger with the boat pose.


  • 4. Chair Pose (Utkatasana) for Weight Loss

Upon hearing the name, you can guess right what it entails. You always assume you are sitting on a chair.
Utkatasana is also dubbed the “yogic version of squats”. All your quads, hamstrings and calves get worked and the respective muscles of these areas are also built.
Make sure to do it right ~ always keep your feet together and your arms above you when lowering for the squat. Your feet should always be in front of your knees. If that isn’t the case, you must be doing it wrong. Maintain in the pose for 30 seconds. That’s when it deserves the name.
All the fat in your thigh, as well as calories all over the body, get burned and they go along with pounds.


  1. Improves digestion by waking your internal organs.
  2. Leaves you with a great butt.
  3. It stretches both your chest and shoulders.
  4. Makes you more flexible and stronger than before.


  • 5. Bow pose (Dhanurasana) for Weight Loss

The bow pose also finds a spot here. Anyone talking about yoga must be talking about Dhanurasana. It is worthwhile of sparing some of your time for. How? I hear you ask.
First of all, every part of your body is engaged, and that makes it go without a say that you will lose an incredible amount of weight in just a moment!
You lie face down on the yoga mat. Stretch your arms by your sides, palms facing up. Then bend your knees to make it possible grabbing your ankles using palms. Keeping them a hip distance apart, lift up your heels, away from your body and that allows for the upward movement of your chest too. If you hold for 45 seconds, you can pause before you do another. At this point, you can count on burning the necessary amount of calories to call it a significant weight loss.


  1. Stimulates all the organs of your neck and abdomen.
  2. Improves your posture.
  3. Takes your flexibility to the next level.



  • 6. Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana 1) for Weight Loss

One who ignores the warrior pose and still claims to be sailing in the weight loss boat isn’t really serious.
When you are performing the warrior pose and you are actually shaking, you aren’t sick. You are only doing the right thing. The forward move associated with this pose increases your stamina. Weight loss is a sure thing here.


  1. Strengthens muscles at your back.
  2. Also straightens your lungs, belly, and chest.
  3. Strengthens your ankles and thighs.


  • 7. The Triangle Pose (Trikotasana) for Weight Loss

The trikotasana works your entire body with no exception to your calves, shoulders, hips, and thighs.
By elevating your heart rate and burning fat, it is ideal for the needed uniform weight loss. So to get your whole body toned, strong and flexible, be in the triangle pose for as long as it’s needed to get to a slimmer, healthier you ~ your dream.


  1. Improves your digestion.
  2. Makes you stress-free.
  3. It is an alternative solution to a backache.
  4. Stimulates the organs in your abdomen.


  • 8. Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana) for Weight Loss

This yoga pose looks difficult. It isn’t. If you’ve ever done it, you can bear me witness. It’s like a jigsaw fit to weight loss.
Begin by lying on your back and on the yoga mat, arms alongside body and palms down. Lift your legs into the air, pressing into your palms to lift your legs over your head. You are now in the plow pose. Clasp your hands together, while you attempt rolling tour shoulder blades towards one another. Let your hands support your lower back, fingers widespread to enhance the support. Lift one leg at a time to the ceiling. Straighten your body as much as possible by gradually moving your hands towards your shoulders. If you hold for 3 minutes, you know what you want ~ of course weight loss.
All the above helps to increase the rate of metabolism and that helps to burn fat fast.


  1. Improves your digestion.
  2. It reduces fatigue.
  3. It tones both your legs and butt.


  • 9. Locust Pose (Shalabhasana) for Weight Loss

If in case apart from losing weight you also want to strengthen your leg muscles, your lower back and open up your chest, locust pose is the apt yoga pose for you.
Begin it by lying face-down on your stomach, arms by your side and palms facing up. Then lift your legs, head, torso, all off the floor. Keep arms and legs always engaged. Always look up or front, whichever best suits your ability. Hold for 45 seconds, lower again and repeat two more times. You can then stop the next day.
Shalabhasana has always worked for losing weight, especially for those with a belly pooch. It doesn’t go easy on that stubborn fat that adds you unnecessary weight.


  1. Your shoulder, belly, and chest all get stretched and strengthened with this yoga pose.
  2. It improves your posture.
  3. Stimulates your abdominal organs.
  4. Relieves you of your stress.


  • 10. Plow Pose (Halasana) for Weight Loss

If you never knew that yoga inversions like the plow pose increases circulation in your body, this is the right time to grasp such knowledge. Halasana increases circulation in the thyroid, pituitary and your adrenal glands. Consequently, hormones and endorphins are released and your metabolism is well-balanced this way.
However, that’s not all the news. You must leave strong and flexible.
First, just lie face-up, hands alongside the body. Then lift up your legs in the air and towards the ceiling. Anchoring yourself using your palms, continue lifting your legs until your toes touch the floor behind your head. You will hold this way for 45 seconds, return to the starting point and repeat it again twice. You can then call it a day.


  1. Calms down the brain.
  2. Lowers fatigue and stress.
  3. Stimulates your abdominal organs.
  4. Leaves you looking and feeling stronger.


  • 11. The Frog Pose (Mandukasana) for Weight Loss

It looks simple but I can ensure you that it isn’t that simple. Mandukasana frees your spirit. You also get to alleviate pains associated with your back. In this pose, always focus on your breathing. Before it, confirm the flexibility of your knees (you can do this by first performing the child pose).


  1. It improves posture.
  2. Its therapeutic with regard to menstrual cramps.
  3. Stimulates your digestive system.
  4. It also increases self-awareness.


  • 12. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana) for Weight Loss

The bridge pose, though quite challenging, helps you lose extra pounds around your midsection. It is a gentle inversion that opens up your chest and shoulder areas. The thyroid glands are massaged due to the fact that you get to lift your chest towards the chin. Thyroid helps release the hormones responsible for balancing your metabolism.
Lying on your back and with knees bent, separate your feet a hip distance apart as you keep them flat on the floor. Adjust the position of your feet so that you can touch them with your fingertips. Press your weight against your feet to lift your hips. Make sure to keep your thighs parallel to one another. Lastly, roll your shoulder blades to approach one another. Hold for 45 seconds. Lower back and do again twice.


  1. As it calms the brain, it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress.
  2. Helps to improve digestion.
  3. Your chest, abdomen, and neck are all well-stretched.


  • 13. Child’s Pose for Weight Loss

The child’s pose is often done at the end of a practice to reflect on what you’ve been doing and cool down. As well, it is useful at the beginning of a practice too since it tests all your body parts.
Just bend your knee to sit between the heels. Now rest your forehead right in your front on the ground. Keep your arms behind you. Simply focus on resting what you feel isn’t going well. That is the main principle of the pose. Then hold it for as long as only 6 breaths. That’s it! Cool and repeat again twice.
This exercise works your neck, back, thighs and core. The burning should be felt. Fat is melted away by this exercise. You get to shun extra pounds this way.


  1. You emerge strong.
  2. Your endurance improves.
  3. Boosts your metabolism.

13 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss – Conclusion

My part is done. It’s now your turn to swing into action! Make a move for yoga. It will never let you down like. Almost effortlessly, you will be able to shed off an incredible amount of pounds. Good luck folks!

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