How dare I post an image of me wrapped in a towel? That is so un-yogic!

Here I was in 1998.

Scanned Image 111720011


Scanned Image 111720003


Scanned Image 111720004


Scanned Image 111720005


Scanned Image 111720006


Scanned Image 111720012









And the towel picture from earlier this week.

Photo on 2-17-14 at 9.56 AM

Eleven pictures total.

In 6 of these pictures, I was a Bulimic. In 4 of these pictures, I was a yoga girl. In 5 of these pictures, I was a fatso. In all but 1 of these pictures, I knew NOT what my body needed to be healthy. I know now. It needs yoga on my terms. It needs eating on my terms. It needs selfies because I like to monitor my progress. And I like to announce it!

There is nothing wrong with a selfie, even if you’re a yogi!

The offended party wrote that I’m “profoundly missing the point of yoga,” and that she hopes I “can come to peace with [myself]“. She followed to counsel me on the definition of peace “meaning [I] don’t need to post staged photos of [myself] awkwardly wearing a towel or drinking alone on the internet.”

But I don’t drink alone. I drink with my dog. ;)

This is why I have a yoga blog. Because yoga is TOTALLY personal. And the stigma attached to practicing on one’s own terms is pretty difficult to swallow without a support system. I know. Been there, done that! And I want to be that system for persons afraid of practicing on their own terms. In my world, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with posting selfies in a towel. Yoga is how I control my weight (amongst many other things!), and the next decade of photos? I’ll look about the same as I do now. Because yoga is my control system. And I love it.

What do you think about Yoga Selfies?