A heart formed in my tea on Sunday.


Served by mother, this lovely cup prompted warmth and a smile. It’s been a long time since I’ve been open to seeing random hearts. The last time happened after a yoga practice in 2011. I saw it in my Ketchup.


A heart, always present in the upper folds of my dog’s forehead, went unappreciated without my yoga. My heart was so closed. Angry, even. But yoga makes me see the hearts again.


Drew Barrymore recently published the loveliest of books, “Find It in Everything.” It’s a picture book presenting the beautiful heart-shaped objects that Ms. Barrymore has found and photographed over the last decade. And it’s lovely!


She writes, “I love this shape so much that I started seeing it everywhere. I would see it in a fragment of light. I would see it in a paper straw wrapper on the ground. I would see it in the fur of my dog. I would be looking into a glass display case of fish, and the tuna steak would unexpectedly have something heart-shaped about it, and it would make me happy.”


Her book, an absolute gem, is simple, clean, and happy. A perfect gift for someone that you love. A perfect gift for that yoga friend. A perfect gift for yourself. I treasure my copy, and I am so happy to share my hearts with you.

photo 1

Have a good day, and namaste. :)

What random things do you like to notice?