Chop chop chop! These words best describe my days. One appointment to the next. Heart beats ferociously. I race against my very rigid schedule. The other day, Becky observed that my cheeks were hotter than coals in hell. Mind you, we were outside in very cold temperatures, and I explained that I was racing against my schedule. Upon observing my dramatic removal of hat and gloves, Becky offered, “You know, you really need to be kinder to yourself.” Of course I said in my snippy way, “No.”

But a few days later, just last night, her little voice chirped in my head. “You know, you really need to be kinder to yourself.” Dinner was scheduled for 8, and of course I was late! But instead of freaking, I chilled out. Remained calm. Practiced flexibility.


This divine picture was snapped with my Nikon (18 – 55m lens) just before entering the gorgeous doors of Kaya, a restaurant in the Strip District featuring island cuisine. Dinner dates with my friends also serve for blog material; so the Nikon was ready to go, prepared for snapping of glorious photos of drinks, food, and friends! And BOOM. The SD card indicated damage.

NO. :(

As I entered the doors, flustered about this fact, my brain was angry, but I pranced onward with a smile. Arriving to the table where Becky waited, I immediately excused myself to the ladies’ room. Still flustered, it took a few seconds to figure exactly which room was for the girls. Upon entering, I took a deep breath. Inviting fresh oxygen, reminding myself that going bonkers about something trivial is ridiculous, I became flexible.

Joining my friend, we had an amazing night! Yes, our camera phone pictures aren’t divine. But we have cute mementos of our lovely evening. Pictures to share with you! And I learnt a great lesson: By practicing yoga, I can increase my flexibility. I can be kinder to myself.


Becky hiding behind her wine glass!

I said something funny.

I said something funny.


She ordered food.


I ordered gin. :)

Dark. But I like my pantyhose.

Dark. But I like my pantyhose.

You mustn't even ask. :)

You mustn’t even ask. :)


The Flexible One.