“Grandfather, where is Pacentro?”

I wanted to know the exact location of his hometown village.

“Bella, it is three days from Rome by donkey, two weeks by horse.”

Imagine a child processing this information. Donkeys are slow. Horses, fast. So why does it consume less time for a donkey than for a horse? Why is the Donkey more successful?

Of course, I asked him to explain.

“Bella, the donkey will travel steadily. The horse will go too fast, breaking its leg, requiring rest. The donkey gets to Rome first.”

Each time I earned a speeding citation over the years, he reminded me of this analogy. “Bella, drive like the donkey. The horse will be 20 minutes late after dealing with the cop. The donkey gets to Rome first.” And now I see how it applies to yoga. When I obsessively rushed my practice, I broke down, requiring rest. Two years worth.

“Your practice must be steady, without gaps.” 1.14B.

In Finding My Yoga, I am not practicing to the point of exhaustion. I am not practicing to the point of boredom. I am not starving myself. After a lifetime of racing against the donkey, I realise I have become one. And it’s working. My grandfather was right. The donkey gets to Rome first.

Are you the Horse or the Donkey?


Italians. 1982. :)