Time has lapsed two years since last revealing my body to readers. So here’s a picture of me. Snapped yesterday. Wearing only a towel.

Photo on 2-17-14 at 9.56 AM

The point of doing this liberal post is to gracefully demonstrate that even a tad of yoga can instill confidence into the most aggressive of body perfectionists. Here I am. This is me. This is how I look. And because of yogic dedication, I feel like tossing epic body disappointment from the window because I actually like my arms. My shoulders. My hair. And I like how my dog would rather suck on her blankie than show attention to my selfie. She teaches me so much. For 15 years and four days, I’ve spent every minute obsessing on my looks, but at day’s end, who really cares? More important things exist in life. Really. Like nourishing the inside. So let’s talk about that.

Ending at midnight on Sunday, The Juice Experiment had me CRAVING something with protein. Sushi! With tuna! But the city, depleted of rice and fish supply because of Valentine dates, offered only salad from the pizza restaurant, served with pinot noir by Coppola. A perfect first meal.


Next morning, feeling healthy and relaxed, we lavished with coffee and The The New York Times. As delicate snow sprinkled at the window, I wanted so much for time to stand still. The quiet and peace made me feel alive.


Accompanied by a late breakfast, one of tofu wrap and sparkling water, the paper was consumed well into afternoon. Slowly and deeply. Every word. Every sentence. Every bite.


Pirouetting across the stage, a cookie, too, found its way into my hands during this reading. Although I’ve had this cookie many times before, it was like the first time. It was wonderful!


Not interested in eating again until nine or so that evening, I finally settled on soup, the same soup consumed during the experiment. With steamed brown rice. Two bowls worth.


And juice. So sweet. So pretty. So green.


Then Monday arrived.

Tantalising my senses, after a new day of juicing, wine and Francis Underwood decorated Monday night. I’d forgotten what it was like to be enamoured with every moment of wine. This chianti by Poggio Capponi is described by the winemaker as “boasting an intense ruby red colour with a fresh pleasant taste of mature blackberry and spice. It is fine and well structured with integrated presence of tannins and persistence in the mouth.”

I agree with this assessment. Likewise, Francis Underwood is fine and well structured with integrated presence of tannins and persistence. He commands my attention. ;)


Food and yoga. By putting good stuff into the body, the outside glows, I promise you! And here’s the kicker: I’m becoming prideful of my body. Finally. Life is tantalising me, and I invite it to continue. Thank you for reading.

What tantalises you?