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Food, Drink, and Yoga

Food, Drink, and Yoga

“We gave up drinking. For at least a month” one yoga housewife told the other. ”My husband and I. We were drinking way too much.” Stunned, Yoga Housewife Two replied, hesitatingly, “Then… what… do… you… do… at… nighttime?” Yoga Housewife One replied, “I have so much energy! I drove to WalMart for lightbulbs at 3am!” Back(…)

Take the Cannoli

Monday morning, a few weeks back, outside temperatures were quite chilly, necessitating warmth for my car, just off from its overnight rest. Turning the ignition, waiting for a lovely burst of heat, I shivered. And shivered. And waited. And nothing. Blasted with continuous arctic air, a piercing chill able to cool the hottest dog on the(…)

NOT Bored

Yesterday it struck me hard! Like lightening! At exactly 10:31am, four months since announcing my separation from Lululemon, I formed the exciting vision for my yoga fashion line! But I don’t know how to do it. I don’t sew. I don’t draw (I do, but you will laugh). I don’t know materials. And I don’t(…)

Dallas Buyers Club

He turned his sickness into a business. And then he became ‘human’ when compassion and friendship trumped his hateful prejudice toward the homosexuals suffering by his side. This man, the late Ron Woodroof, an AIDS-afflicted, sex-addicted, alcohol-abusing homophobe, is portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club, a film earning four paws! Why am I reviewing(…)

Letter From a Friend

Today I share a letter from a friend. From a reader! From someone who strives to look perfect in her jeans whilst loving her food. She’s gracefully touched my heart, reinforcing that my blog is a safe place to discuss health outside of the box. And I’m so proud to share her letter with you!(…)

I Freaked Out

Zooming into Whole Foods, I grabbed a vegan tofu wrap and mineral water. Paying, zooming to the car, undressing my wrap, throwing the car into reverse, I was stoked about tasting the heavenly pleasure that would be my breakfast. WHAT THE F*CK. I’d bitten into something that I’d not tasted in 15 years. BEEF. Slamming(…)

Rosetta Stone Yoga

“It’s all about the presentation.” A good friend and fashionista extraordinaire, think Chanel with sass, said this to me at Christmastime. Enjoying cocktails at Eleven, she presented that elegantly wrapped box. Continuing our laughter, she commented on how white tights just aren’t good on girls with thighs like us; and her white dog’s shedding did(…)

A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose

They always say, “If I could be half the person my dog thinks I am…” Goodness, if I could be a ninth of that person, I would be magnificent. Yes, my dog knows that I screw up, she knows that I cry, she knows that I have the worst case of road rage on the(…)

The Donkey Gets to Rome First

The Donkey Gets to Rome First

“Grandfather, where is Pacentro?” I wanted to know the exact location of his hometown village. “Bella, it is three days from Rome by donkey, two weeks by horse.” Imagine a child processing this information. Donkeys are slow. Horses, fast. So why does it consume less time for a donkey than for a horse? Why is(…)