“It’s all about the presentation.”

A good friend and fashionista extraordinaire, think Chanel with sass, said this to me at Christmastime. Enjoying cocktails at Eleven, she presented that elegantly wrapped box. Continuing our laughter, she commented on how white tights just aren’t good on girls with thighs like us; and her white dog’s shedding did not help matters! Ha!

Just yesterday, she said I’d make a wonderful cast member at Disney. She suggested the role of Snow White, in fact! “Oh! She loved the animals! And apples! But no, I could never. I don’t know how to talk to children.” She replied, “I’ve seen you on stage. You’re a performer. You like to pose. And you’re so happy and small. But genuine, too. It’s the job for you.”

Major compliment.

So why am I telling you this? At Cocktails at The Firehouse, I was called out on my statement about socialising again due to being smaller, due to yoga. A reader specifically questioned if yoga’s been influencing my willingness to live more vibrantly in the world again, aka going on dates, being more flexible, stepping outside of my comfort zone. And I replied,

“I’ve always been a good time girl but simply choose not to submit my fatter non yoga body into the gallery show involved with social experiences. I never have fun as a fat girl so eliminate all chances of being seen. I don’t look fat anymore and feel great hence the fun. Plus, what else am I gonna write about at the blog?:)”

Reader MG responded,

“This comment makes me sad, not the part about meeting up with an old friend again (that part is great! I hope for many more dates for you two!) but how much you allow the superficial to limit your life.”

Why is presentation superficial? Is presentation not a part of our well being? Not many girls gain 40 pounds in a year (except maybe 70 percent of you [and me] who read this blog!), but imagine if you did. Would you interpret your 40 pound weight gain as failure? I sure as hell did. Lack of food control. No yoga. Who wants to spend money on cocktails and laughter with friends in that sort of condition? I for one do not. And shall not.

That aside, my dear friend Cassy commented on My Yoga Practice recently,

“Nicole, I can only say omfg. I have no words. I’m beyond impressed. I am. This is you. This is so much who are you are, what you are good at and what you enjoy practicing, and I cannot put into words how impressed I am with your dedication and your love for poses. Hugs and cheek smoochies : )”

Her comment totally makes me smile. She reads my brain perfectly.

Yes, I love poses. Particularly the yoga ones. Because with yoga, I am free. There is no self judgement. There is no expectation. There is just me, the mat, and my dog watching from her velvet chaise. This is why I love showing you my poses and videos. Because it’s my language. I speak it so fluently and want you to understand it, too. It’s like Rosetta Stone Yoga.

I judge myself outside of my practice. Absolutely! And that’s okay. I’m totally human. And any human who judges their own body should not be shamed for doing so. And those who judge us? Maybe you should do some yoga.

What do you think about your personal presentation to the world?