Sound the trumpet! Beat the drum! I have the most exciting of news to share with you! The juice experiment worked much better than hypothesised. Not only did it last for the scheduled three days, but it continued for another two, completely changing my operational procedure with food and drink, totally morphing my health into a state of sparkly goodness for the rest of forever!

Oh my goodness, let me tell you that I literally have done a 180. Going from thinking of “when’s the next meal” to “why aren’t I losing weight” to “I’m so bored, time for a drink!” to “if I keep doing this, I won’t have any time beyond two martinis to write anything worth reading” to “time for yoga” to “when’s the next meal”… and you get the sad point. Food and drink, although I wasn’t consuming very much, was consuming a HUGE part of my day. Weighing me down, the thinking about not eating, the thinking about eating, and the limited time between first drink and first nap to produce sucked badly!

And I only realise its dreadfulness because of what I did last week.

I am fresh and clean and happy and, here’s the big kicker… THIN. Not the long, lean, and strong ultimate physique that I’m achieving slowly with my yoga, but rather the “my size 2 pants are zipping, arms are tight, breasts are perky, cheekbones are prominent.” I’m eating roughly about the same number of calories, just in a nutritious fashion. More juice. Less gin.

I therefore have a new diet. For as long as it feels physically comfortable, I shall juice, Monday through Friday, all day until dinner. This could morph this into breakfast juice with a smoothie lunch… or breakfast juice with celery apple lunch… or something of the sort! But I shall keep doing the juicing thing because of how it makes me feel, look, and act. I really like the vibrant me that has resulted from this experiment.

photo (34)

THE GOOD TIME GIRL IS NOT GONE. I shall continue to enjoy fabulous lunches, dinners, martinis, and wine! But the extravagance will be limited instead of regime. The regime shall be juicing with a gorgeous light dinner. Additional benefits to feeling good include reducing my risk of cancer, pancreatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver. Ah yes, and this affords me energy to be a more vibrant mommy to my little doggie! How amazing does that sound?

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This morning, I text messaged my great friend, aged 67, small, successful, and fabulous,

“Did a Suja cleanse last week. 5 days, 3 to 4 juices daily + kaffir lime broth with veggies for dinner. No alcohol. My face looks thin, and my body, too. I feel so fabulous, and I’m doing the juicing thing every weekday now. The most my body has reacted to a dietary change in ages! My sister said that I’m glowing. Whole Foods gives case discounts. 6 per case!!!”

She replied,

“Want to do it. Suja is easy but need help with the kaffir lime broth. Have been doing juice or protein drink for breakfast and lunch with small light dinner for several months – it has made a difference. Have also cut way back on the wine (boo hoo) and will go several days abstaining. Oh my, the things we do!!!”

Yes, the things we do. :)

The refrigerator is stocked for a week of radiant health!


What did I eat on Day Six? How did I come down from the cleanse? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

And please share… what do you think about juicing as a daily system?