“Children who draw the sun are happy children.”

Overhearing my grandmother’s approval of my three-year old artwork, a piece involving a farmhouse and a sun, I took such pride in her commentary! Happy children are perfect children, and I’d be damned to be imperfect, even at the age of three. Traced with old-fashioned compasses, from that point forward, my ever-present suns were drawn in vain. I was the little girl craving everyone to know of my happiness, but I loved the moon so much more and therefore felt ashamed for my pictured lies. I felt ashamed of my suns.

Why did I like darkness better than light? Why did the moon represent sadness when I was so clearly happy? Why couldn’t I draw a moon? Why is the sun better? Why did I love the underdog? This I always wondered.

Fast forward to my adult years, and it’s quite intrigued me, for so long that a huge part of traditional yoga is the sun salutation, saying hello to the sun, greeting the new day. Why did we forget about the moon? What about those of us who practice well before the sun rises? At like 3am? Can we salute the moon? Can we salute something that is not light? Does saluting darkness compromise the integrity of our practice? Of our hearts?

Tonight it hit me!

Walking alongside three adorable doggies, staring at the late night moon, I saw a different magnificence than I’ve forever admired. I didn’t see a film noir. I didn’t see darkness. I saw light!




Captured with my 50-300mm Nikon lens, these pictures serve the moon absolutely no justice, as I observed so much more. Resembling a very specific planet of its own, the moon depicted rivers! And mountains! And beauty! My heart was completely rendered with happiness as we trotted along in 15-degree temperatures. The moon not only lit the cold walk, but it warmed our little hearts. And I’ve just found reason for inclusion of another untraditional element into my yoga practice.

I shall hereby salute the moon. In all of my yoga glory, I shall pay respect to something so pretty! So mysterious. And so unique. It is now time for Sunday moon salutation. And perhaps I’ll say hi to the sun, too. :)

What’s something untraditional about you?