A very smart, sexy, successful man asked me to dinner. Excitement filled my brain, as it’s been so long since I’ve considered saying yes. My body’s in place for a cute dress and heels, and I love experiencing great restaurants and good company. The invitation was so sweet, too. “I feel that a nice dinner might be a nice way to get to know one another. I mean, even if we both suck, there is still food. Right? Maybe mid-week next week? :)”

Totally nice. Totally adorable. Totally impressive. And with a smiley face!

And then my rational brain kicked in. My schedule is jam-packed. With yoga, clients, friends, and writing. This formal date would require shopping, beauty treatments, and the most undesirable factor: TIME AWAY FROM MY DOG.

So here was my thought process:

  • New dress, $249
  • New shoes, $350+
  • New bag, $400
  • New winter coat, since my formal is covered in dog hair, $300 on sale, end-of-season, yay!
  • Polish change, $20
  • Eyebrow waxing, $40
  • Pedicure, $50
  • Mental distress of leaving my dog, GAH!

Total Cost of Date = $1,409.


Buy a Nespresso Machine, VertuoLine… $299. It’s been taunting me. With its froth. With its ability to brew coffee and espresso! With its slim lines. With its hotness.

So after watching the sexy video over and over and over again, and after weighing the cost benefits of a closet full of one great outfit… or delicious coffee to serve to myself, and to friends when they visit, anytime, all the time (with or without whiskey, wink wink), I picked the Nespresso Machine.

Honestly, I need something extraordinaire. Something from the pages of Atlas Shrugged. This man might certainly be extraordinaire, but I don’t have time to find out. So I’ve picked something from the pages of the Williams Sonoma catalogue instead.

I suggest you check out the VertuoLine today. I’m in love!

And I saved over a grand.

Have a great day, and namaste. ;)

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Would you have picked The Man? Or The Machine?