The yoga lifestyle and clean-eating go hand-in-hand. So, to get a jump start on the yoga, I did a Juice Cleanse the week leading into January. The cleanse served to feel cleaner on the inside. To glow on the outside. To feel less gluttonous. And, let’s be honest, to be slimmer. That’s always my goal, and juice cleansing is the secret of the stars! :)

The first successful Juice Cleanse of my life, I followed the three-day plan prescribed by Suja. It was perfect! Clean. Simple. Convenient. Sold at Whole Foods, I bought the bottles outlined by the website, following the choreographed day of drinking, creating a few modifications for my very active, very awake existence.

And it was delicious.

Historically speaking, juice cleansing drove me bananas. A kitchen full of fruits and vegetables, intense labour of juice concoction, juice machine cleaning, followed by hunger was oh so bad! Such a waste of time for me, frustration led to “OH, one apple won’t hurt” turning into tofu won’t hurt, then a spoonful of salsa, then the whole jar of salsa, then “Screw it, time for a martini” and the cleanse would thereby end, resulting in some haughty rant at the old blog spouting that juice cleanses aren’t for food-obsessed individuals.


It’s the 10th of February, and I’ve realised that my naughty little addiction has ended! I have ended my love affair with DIET SODA. The juice cleanse made me feel so clean and happy that I care not to contaminate my body with dark coloured processed liquid junk in a bottle any longer! For girls like me, diet soda is staple. Sure, the ingredient list is something that we ignore because, well, what the heck is Caramel E150d? We don’t care what’s in the drink because it tastes divine and the calories are stationed at zero.

But just one taste of juice, and I stopped wanting the bad boyfriend. I stopped wanting the Coke Zero. The Diet Pepsi. The Diet Dr. Pepper. My daily fix of something naughty. What a marvelous thing! Thanks, Suja, for giving me a higher grade of health and for kicking that bad boyfriend to the curb.

What do you think about Diet Soda?