Adding the coolest t-shirt to my collection, I was so pleased with Saturday’s shopping experience! Walking the dogs, I questioned the street vendor, “Do you have Irish Yoga?”

“Yes, little lady. A Small?”

He. Said. Small.

I’m being recognised as a Small again. Yay!

My Irish yoga shirt!

photo (50)

And I had a date, too. NO time to shop! No time to prepare! Zooming to Target at 21:30 on Saturday, I bought 3 pairs of pants! 4 shirts, and 2 pairs of pantyhose! All for $108.50. Ha! I’m not even kidding.


Target jeans (new). Shirt by Madewell. Sweater JCrew (2011). Beads Banana Republic (2012). Shoes Donald J. Pliner (2013).

photo 1

The date, an old but very good (and handsome) friend, told me to “dress cute but casual.” In fact, the complete invitation read, “If you can partition the time from your work tomorrow, meet me at 1:30pm sharp. Dress cute but casual. I will have you back by 4.”

Gwendolyn was pissed.

photo (51)

But he took me to a movie! At one of the fab Pittsburgh Filmakers Theaters! We saw Elaine Stritch’s “Shoot Me,” and I couldn’t have been more inspired!!! What an amazing lady, working in Hollywood from the 40s and going strong! She speaks her mind, drinks her martinis, and flaunts those sexy legs without shame. My shoes liked the theatre, too.

photo 2

So cool and old-fashioned.

photo 3

And I’m not gonna lie, it was really fabulous strutting around in heels and tight jeans again.

The date was invited up for wine!

photo 4

We had a good time chatting about the future days.


And by the way? The Target jeans? I was so shocked that my bottom fit into the smallest size available that I marched directly to the pregnancy department to double confirm that I hadn’t picked maternity jeans. And then I asked the attendants to confirm for me, too. They thought I was bananas. But really, I was just happy. :)

A superb weekend of shopping and dating and snuggling with my little monkey dog. And now it’s time for some Irish yoga! ;)

Have a good day, and namaste!!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?