“You’re a fatso.”

That’s what I told myself on Thursday. Friday. Saturday. And Sunday. Four days without yoga later, and I felt totally off. My only motivation to resume practicing was the hot girl in the new Free People catalogue. She reminded me that spaghetti tanks and short skirts with delicate cowgirl boots exist just around the corner. And that pissed me off. My motivation pissed me off. Because my yoga’s better than that. My yoga’s more graceful than that.

So I wanted to make this a long story about why I took a break. About why I started again. And about the great epiphany that I had when finding Tara Judelle’s new class on YogaGlo, “Grace & Grit.”

But I won’t waste your time.

I’ll just tell you to do the class. Do Grace & Grit. Whether you’re a swimmer, a biker, a runner, a whatever, you should do this class because it’ll make you feel so good and ground you into a yoga practice that is loving and thoughtful and challenging. Those are three things that I like in my life. Love. Thoughts. And Challenges.

“How do I use my practice and my postures to teach myself to move with ease and grace through my life?”

Tara asked this question during class, and it made me smile so hard.

I’ve been wanting to change something about my yoga. I’ve felt too rigid. Too programmed. Too robotic. Does that translate into my life? I think it does. When I change my yoga, I change my life. And I’m a-changing.

And yesterday’s picture was the resultant of my practice with Tara. I felt free like a bird! It wasn’t laborious. It wasn’t scheduled. It was my art. And Tara Judelle is one hell of a yoga teacher. She got me to pose again for the camera. She got my heart back into the practice. She got my brain back into the game.

Grace & Grit. Do it.

When you feel like a fatso, what do you do?