There exist good bananas and bad bananas. I like mine slightly aged, black, and cold from the refrigerator. My sister likes hers young, warm, and from Costa Rica. We both like ours with peanut butter, but that would be a very bad banana, as peanut butter leads us down dangerous paths of tasting one morsel of naughty and wanting it all.

Bananas are synonymous with so many items, as we all have our preferences on everything from food, to work, to play, to words, to philosophy. What is good for one person could be bad for another, and there is always room for compromise and change.

So although I wrote yesterday that numbers are bad for me, they could be good for you. And measuring my waist with my dog’s paws could be utterly stupid to every other person on the planet.

My point is to always do what is right for you. Embrace your preferences and thrive from your choices.

How do you like your bananas?