When I sold Girl Scout Cookies, I wanted to sell the most. When I sold hamburgers, I wanted to biggie-size each order. When I sold security, I wanted to win President’s Club. And I accomplished my goals, in each scenario. It was all about me. About winning.

It had nothing to do with the recipient of my service.

Yesterday, a friend commented on my Facebook Page that she is “too fat for [yoga] class right now.” And it made my heart sink to the lowest depths of the Earth because I totally understand! Her comment made me want to flee to her home, unroll the yoga mats, immediately making her feel good again.

I want to make people feel good about themselves with yoga.

I want to help people achieve a better state of health with yoga.

I want to teach yoga because doing so makes me happy. And excited.

Not because I want to sell the most lessons.

Who wants a class?