“We gave up drinking. For at least a month” one yoga housewife told the other. “My husband and I. We were drinking way too much.”

Stunned, Yoga Housewife Two replied, hesitatingly, “Then… what… do… you… do… at… nighttime?”

Yoga Housewife One replied, “I have so much energy! I drove to WalMart for lightbulbs at 3am!”

Back then, in 2009, listening to these sophisticated ladies discuss their drinking habits, something clicked. Yoga + alcohol = the secret to a thin body. Something else clicked. These women were respectively 45 and 60 years old. No health problems. Vibrant party lives. Vibrant yoga lives. So the mumbo jumbo about alcohol harming the body was just that. Mumbo jumbo.

And it did make me thin.

Giving up the Bulimia, feasting on liquid lunches, and practicing yoga all day every day was my life, for about a year. But when I needed to function for something other than chaturangas and luncheons with the yoga housewives, the alcohol was replaced with real food. I stopped practicing yoga.

And it did make me fat.

This year, I’m finding a lovely balance between food, drink, and yoga. And it’s refreshing.

Like a broken record, that conversation between yoga housewives plays in my head. Back then, it made me curious. When entrenched in my heavy drinking habits, it made me sad. And now, I’m indifferent. Alcohol plays a different role in the lives of each individual. And couple. I once knew a lady who greeted her executive husband at the door with martinis after his hard day. What a greeting! And I have parents who drink only on New Year’s. My nighttime glass or two relaxes the brain and curbs my appetite. It makes me the fun girl. And I like being that.


Why do you drink alcohol?