Today I shall tell you a secret.

Foodie blogs will tell you how to make raw, chocolate hearts. Fashion blogs will tell you how to buy black, lacy intimates. Healthy-living blogs will tell you how to love yourself first.

I shall just tell you a secret.

I experienced something huge during the last six months. Often heart-wrenching. Often unkind. Often harder than rocks. It was the final fall of a great relationship, ending on Tuesday. Not only did I detox from food and drink this week, but I detoxed from this good person who had existed in my life for 3,339 days. Nine years and some change, to be exact. A wonderful friendship turned sour because people change, or rather, people sometimes become what they are intended to be. And sometimes it’s not healthy to stay together anymore, even as friends. Sometimes it is toxic.

Accepting the opportunity costs of losing my oldest friend, a former mate, and a great business mind, I want to be happy, to have a light heart, and to only exist in energy that is good for me. He needs something other than me, too. Sometimes I can be very rigid.

Yoga got me through it. Friends did, too. Just being in the presence of good energy was so helpful.

In light of Valentine’s Day, I want to offer something on love. He was my first love. And he is gone. We’ve bid our adieus, and I’m okay with that. Good energy fills the space. And that is what I wish to you on this Valentine’s Day.

Good energy.

And flowers and kisses and yoga!

Happy Valentine’s Day.




What good energy surrounds you?