I can’t stop thinking about Her. Starring Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, the perfectionist introvert who befriends and falls in love with his Operating System brought to life by the sultry voice of Scarlett Johansen, this film really hit my pain funnel.

The New York Times put it, “…’Her’ is the unlikely yet completely plausible love story about a man, who sometimes resembles a machine, and an operating system, who very much suggests a living woman.”

So much relating to Theodore’s character, I have often considered myself as not human. Wrapped into a parka, I am the cold winter. Accepting the chill instead of fighting it, I don’t seem to harvest the emotions that one regularly does. When something is sad, I accept it. When something is happy, I accept it. When something is okay, I accept it. Accepting reality and creating vibrant life about that reality is how I operate. And I don’t need other humans. But sometimes, secretly, on cold, empty nights, I like to have someone who gets me, in the way that I think is exciting.

And that’s why I really get Theodore’s character. He’s the same way.

So although it might seem weird that a man fell in love with his Operating System, I think the storyline is brilliant. Living according to one’s own value system is epitome. If that means loving your software, okay fine, so be it. And as I lay here in the dark, closed off from the world, beside my little snoring dog, my brain is completely entranced by what I just saw, by the happiness and pain of Theodore and his operating system. The film really made me feel. Human. And safe.

What makes you feel?