My dear friend, the one who eloquently dissected my personality, continued in his letter, “Your philosophy is yours; you don’t try to change anyone else which makes it pure.”

His statement is so cool because it helped me to better scope my Juice Cleanse. If you pay mind to the comments section of this blog, you will notice a handful of naysayers urging me to accept definitions as absolute. And frankly, until staring at my friend’s words, I couldn’t intelligently answer a reader who questioned,

What exactly are you ‘cleansing’ from and by what mechanism are you doing it by?… Are you inferring that you juiced cleansed in December and are again doing it again in the wee weeks of February? How ‘dirty’ do you think that you got in the interim?

Seriously, she stumped me! Although she wasn’t directly implying that I must accept “juice cleanse” as meaning “cleansing of the diet,” I felt like a fraud because “cleansing” is not my goal. My diet is super clean. It wasn’t like I’d gone on a peanut butter frenzy the night before, creating sudden need for a dramatic diet. So why the heck am I “cleansing?” And then I realised it. Just as I highlighted in Driving Like a Man, most things are subjective, at least they are to me.

What is driving like a man? It’s a stereotype. Just like all girls with eating disorders are skeletons. Stereotype. Remember, I was the 89-pound bulimic. Two years later, the 181-pound version. And all over the board for 11 years. Just like all vegans must be vegan forever or else they’re hypocrites. Stereotype.

“Juice Cleansing” for the sole sake of becoming cleaner is, too, a stereotype. “Cleansing” is simply the generally accepted title bestowed unto a diet of purely juice. But the rationale for doing such cleanse can be totally unique, says my philosophy. It can be completely unrelated to what “cleanse” implies. On my first juice cleanse (2011), the purpose was to lose weight. It had nothing to do with feeling cleaner. On my second juice cleanse (Summer 2013), the purpose was to experiment with my girlfriends, becoming cleaner in our eating (and thinner). On the third juice cleanse (December 2013), the purpose was to prime my body for the yoga project. And on this present cleanse (February 2014), the purpose is… drum roll, please!


And I credit Rach of This Italian Family for pointing this out in the comments section.


I want to exclaim, “Ohhhh la la this is amazzzzing!” when breaking that fast. I want to pirouette with my dog after sipping that elegant martini. I want to eat my crispy tofu with chopsticks whilst viewing something magical on the silver screen. I want to get excited about my trip to Whole Foods. I want to feel about food the passion which I feel about everything else. I was excited in January. But come February? I wasn’t. Thus I’m fixing it. And let me tell you this! One day into the cleanse, and I’m already imagining that gorgeous first meal on Thursday. I need this.


So just like anything that no longer gives a thrill, if a thrill is important to you, you must find that again, even if it’s regarding something so simple as food. Thank you for reading, and happy cleansing!

How are you excited about food? :)