I had a breakfast date yesterday! And surprise surprise, it wasn’t with my dog. ‘Twas with a man! The date involved cocktails, laughter, and business chit chat. And even a trip to Whole Foods. How exciting! Here’s the story, in words and pictures!…

Because I notoriously jam-pack a billion things into my morning, primping for the 9:45am date was rather rushed! After walking my dog and cleaning the apartment from head to toe, I had exactly 15 minutes to shower, dress, and snap photos of the beauty process. So here I am, wearing those jeans and cute sparkly shirt purchased a few weeks ago. And my new Elliott Lucca bag! Shirt, $13. Jeans, $29.99. Bag, very reasonable. Designed for the quirky girl! ;)


The hair was kept curly and bundled back, kind of like Carrie Bradshaw would have picked for her infamous brunch dates. And with a chance of rain, the new green Hunters were necessary.


Covered with a Banana Republic peacoat circa last year, the outfit was made!


Side view.


Arriving to Bar Marco, I couldn’t have been more excited! In fact, because this restaurant exists in a totally restored Firehouse, I wish I’d worn overalls, black skinny heels, and a Fire Girl hat. Next time. ;)


So cool.


As you can probably see, my dog exists in this picture. Having enjoyed too many cocktails, I forgot to snap the outside image, necessitating a return later in the evening. :)


We were greeted by this cool table featuring a liberally awesome newspaper pushing bicycles and eco friendly transportation. LOVE. 


First drink, ordered! I picked the recommendation from Justin our amazing server. It would be the gin with grapefruit. Of course! The grapefruit diet is always the rage.


I snapped photos of our bartender shaking the order. I really like this image.


And voilà!


Our beautiful, totally old-fashioned drinks. Mine even sparkled!


The toast, dedicated to the future, one year from now, and to my dog, was very special! :)


They brought my date a plate of bread, decorated with goat’s cheese.


And because I’d so passionately drilled Justin the server on whether or not my grapefruit cocktail contained animal products, he assumed that I live veganly so brought something delicious and very pretty for me, too. So very point worthy.


“Excuse me, sir. I know this is avocado and quinoa, but what is the long yellow strip across the middle?” So he scribed it across the newspaper for me. :)


Onto the next beautiful cocktail! Examining the menu (hadn’t done so the first time around because I was so captivated by the old firehouse feel), I ordered the Violette drink.


Violettes are very special to me.


My absolute new favourite.


My date ordered something with animal products, so I gave him the crazy eye.


His drink.


At this point in our divine date, I became enamoured with the tin ceiling. But attempting to snap a photograph of it, I realised that my camera was positioned in reverse.


What a beautiful ceiling!!!


And then I kindly offered my date access to the cherry in my drink.


Although the food options are high quality and delicious-looking, we optioned against ordering brunch, rather taking a trip to Whole Foods! This might excite a total of three people in the world. Luckily, my date was one of them.


Frankly, I wanted to feast with my dog; and I knew he had work to do. So our food was bundled separately, to go!


Buying coffee, we warmed up!


And I snapped an urban selfie.


And then we parted ways. Hello, doggie.


Hello, best sandwich of my life!!!


Side view. And YES, I added ketchup.


And a big fat cookie.


It was such a great day with my date and my dog.

If you’re a Pittsburgh foodie, Bar Marco must exist on your list. You simply cannot resist!

Have a good day, and namaste! ;)

What do you think of my date?