Does a Cherry Pie Bandit take just one piece? Or the entire pie? Likewise, when creating a meal, does a chef use just a pinch of salt? Or a handful from the Mediterranean Sea? Why bother for just a little, that all or nothing mentality whispers to me?

A few months ago, I discovered the salt answer when my nose bled at the slightest rupture to my emotions (mainly related to road rage). Creating high blood pressure, my secret salt indulgence was culprit to the bloody nose. So I cut the salt. And nowadays, living on the pinch method keeps my salt craving at bay. Nose bleeds are gonzo. And I’m thinner, too.

This applies to yoga because over the last week, I’ve done zero formal practices. I simply haven’t had the time. That’s not excuse. That’s not me being a cry baby. I simply haven’t had time to roll out the mat. And it totally made me realise something. The perfect day would involve bicycling and walking dogs for many hours followed by wine and movies and discussing of things. With a pinch of yoga.

I love my yoga. It is my art. But does a painter sit at his easel all day? Likewise, must a yogi be tied to his mat? I remember judging yogis who fled the country for exciting holidays, leaving behind their mats. I judged yogis who stayed in bed with cappuccinos and boyfriends instead of checking into our 9:30 asana. I judged everyone who practiced without an overflowing cup of yoga.

But they were simply enjoying a pinch when the recipe of life called for it. And years later, they still do. I’m just learning about that portion, and might I say, it is fine.

This applies to the profession of Cherry Pie Bandit, too. And I’ll explain in a minute.

First and most importantly, what have I been doing instead of formal yoga? Celebrating Becky’s birthday, of course! She wanted dogs. So I brought dogs!


But nobody wanted to play with Gwendolyn, not even Becky’s pit bull Bella.


Becky says it’s because Gwendolyn’s energy is dominating. Small dog. Big attitude.


“Will someone please play with me?” :(


Sophie the lab puppy volunteered.


And Gwendolyn won. (good girl).


And then Gwendolyn kept the toy from Bella and Sophie.


So we headed for breakfast. Raw and vegan. Created by Becky. So delish!


Nighttime brought wine!




And parents. :)



But back to that pie. Cherry. Vegan. By Whole Foods. Bought for my little Easter Eve party. And guess what? Someone was the Cherry Pie Bandit!


Gwendolyn NOR I shall own up to this. ;) … but whomever is the culprit, just a pinch or two was taken. Not the entire pie. Therefore, to answer the earlier question, Cherry Pie Bandits, too, live on the pinch system.


Yes, we might be Cherry Pie bandits, but the remaining pie went over quite nicely with the folks, especially my clean and pretty presentation.


As did the lavender.


We did some yoga, too.

photo (59)

A fun night followed by a luxurious morning.


Another passion of mine… vacuuming of dog hair.


Stressed out, on Sunday night, I needed to pound away on the bicycle, if even for 30 minutes.


It felt SO good.


The city was SO alive!


Baseball gamers!


And my reflection in the Andy Warhol Museum. Pleased with my body in this one.


The night concluded with just a Pinch of road rage.


Although she went bananas, I remained Kosher. Like the salt.


Time to hit the yoga mat.

xo The Cherry Pie Bandits

What do you like in pinches?