After a refreshing slumber with my little doggie woggie!


And finding 20 bucks on our morning walk!


And noticing this gorgeous dog logo, never noticed before!


And spotting a lemonade stand! Little entrepreneurs at work. Love love love!…


I decided to do a long bicycle ride on my favourite route in my favourite little town of Sewickley.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.28.56 PM

A scaredy cat of cars, I begged a friend to protect me. And he agreed, bringing along that cool vintage bicycle from 1981.


Here he comes!


Girls always lead the pack!


Hi, fisherman!


The route follows Blackburn Road in Sewickley Heights, to Beaver Street in Sewickley proper, to Little Sewickley Creek Road, to Fern Hollow Road, to Pony Hollow Road, to Country Club Road, returning to Blackburn. Hi, bicycle!


A cool sign on a cool bridge from 1947.


Peeking into the stream below, I had discovered something prolific! Something huge! Something of grand historic value! Something about which to call National Geographic! A dinosaur fossil!!! But my friend confirmed that I can sometimes be an idiot, as it’s just the skeleton of a deer. It’s so pretty and museum quality, though, so I’ll share it with you.


More of the stream.


At this point in the ride, parting ways with my chivalrous partner, it was time to ascend back into Sewickley Heights! Time to activate the thighs of steel.


After climbing the ferocious hill known as Pony Hollow, I enjoyed the breathtaking view of the very handsome golfers of Allegheny Country Club. I’m talking very handsome.


But I didn’t snap images up close and personal because the club is proper and beautiful. The following is a behind photograph of the entrance. I snapped it when stopping my bicycle, executing a deep yoga twist.


Then it was back to my starting point.


Descending Blackburn Road was very exciting not just because of the gorgeous mansions, cottages, and brick wall…


But because I’d be returning to this!


She was so happy to see her mommy!


And I was overjoyed to see her play like a puppy!


My little puppy Gwendolyn… the reward to a divine 9.02 mile bicycle ride. :)


I feel really happy to be back in the saddle again. This will be a divine summer of riding. Once a week. With dedication. Passion! And fun! What trail will I explore next? Stay tuned. ;)

What is your favourite trail for riding?