A friend wrote to me, “You’re sweet. And by sweet I mean, of course, calculated, poised, thorough, refined, cool and deliberate.” I like what he said! I’ve truly become so calculated that I do things without realising the deeper connection. For instance, yesterday’s blog article about my December Juice Cleanse and its effect on eliminating diet sodas from my nutrition had a greater significance than just celebrating my healthy habits. But it took a day of experiences to realise it.

After publishing that piece, I ventured to Whole Foods for my regular breakfast. My brain, despite recognising my bear-growling stomach, wasn’t too enthused with the food. It was just something to stop the hunger. It wasn’t pleasure. The breakfast which regularly makes me call Becky or my sister to say, “OMG I’m having the best breakfast of my life,” (every single day), didn’t cause that reaction. It felt heavy to me. Boring. And later in the day? When I poured a martini, I felt disinterested. Distracted. Dinner, same. In fact, after dinner, I fell asleep, awakening without any remembrance of having eaten because it was so mechanical and blah. And I don’t like to feel blah. I like to feel good.

Maybe it’s the getting-old winter weather. Maybe it’s just my need to be thrilled. But it’s time for something fresh, fun, and fantastic.

Hello, Juice Cleanse!

Writing about the cleanse yesterday meant that deep down, my brain wanted another. So I’m hereby enrolling into The Suja Three-Day Programme, with modifications to account for my active lifestyle and cravings. A cleanse on my terms. Maybe I’ll have a light dinner, maybe not. We’ll see. But I want nothing but pure, fresh, happy juice for most of the day. It made me feel so good in December, and I want to feel good again.

Who’s with me?